Gun Nation News: Episode 4

Posted on 26. Oct, 2013 by in Gun News

Nevada police say the parents of a 12-year-old boy who killed a teacher and wounded two fellow students at his middle school in Sparks before killing himself could face charges, The boy opened fire with a Ruger 9mm handgun in his schoolyard just before the opening school on Oct. 21st.

In Chicago, facing almost certain rejection from state lawmakers, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to impose mandatory minimum sentences for illegal gun possession was pulled from a House panel’s agenda.

The gun market is booming on Instagram a popular photo-posting  app. It’s the new hot spot for people looking to buy and sell firearms online. Instagram is not an e-commerce site, and has no stated policy barring firearm sales.

An Oklahoma fast-food worker is lucky to be alive…thanks to his belt buckle that caught a bullet during an armed robbery. Two bad guys cased the KFC, stormed in during closing, demanded money and phones and then fired a shot. Luckily nobody was injured and police are looking for the suspects.

A home invasion burglar in lubbock texas went running for the hills after the homeowner wrestled the gun away and started shooting at the suspect. The culprits got away this time…homeowner 1 bad guy 0

Also this week, a Kansas mother shot an intruder. The woman heard the doorbell ring twice grabbed her gun to go investigate, found the guy in her living room. She told him to get out, when he didn’t and went for his pockets…she shot him..while her 2 daughters were sleeping. He was arrested.

It’s all about girl power! There are now more than 5 million women participating the shooting sports, an increase of 46.5 percent since 2001. The overall number of gun owners in America surpassed 100 million a few years ago, according to the NRA. Reportedly, NRA membership now exceeds 5 million.

Nearly 1,000 gun advocates met at the Alamo in Texas to rally for increased gun rights. The group proudly carried rifles and shotguns and voiced their concerns over possible misinterpretations of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

And check this out…Combat robots! That’s’s a robot firing an MG-240 machine gun…it looks like it’s being operated remotely by a human. Several companies recently presented the combat robots to the US Military. Pretty cool.

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